It is possible to communicate with the GetPosition server via an internet connection. Therefore, every GPS tracker must be equipped with a SIM card with a data package and this must be set up correctly for the purpose of communicating with the server.

Internet connection

First of all, it is necessary to set up APN as provided by the SIM card operator. The name and password for APN is requested with some operators. These data could be found on your SIM card provider’s websites.

Connecting with the server

In order to get connected to the GetPosition server it is necessary to set up the server’s IP address, or DNS (if supported by the GPS tracker). It is important to select and set up the port in accordance with the type of the GPS tracker. IP – DNS – The port settings depend on the GPRS protocol and are usually defined based on the manufacturer:

Manufacturer, Device typePort Number
Coban (TK102B)9001
Xexun (TK102-2)9003
BlueBerry (GT06)9004
Digital Systems (TYTAN)9006
Queclink GV559007
Queclink GV55 Lite9008

Other settings

Time Zone

It is crucial for the time zone to be set up correctly. The correct time zone is UTC 0, since GetPosition server takes care of showing the correct time in your GPS tracker applications.


The very last step is normally the GPRS transmission switch-on, or setting up the location updates interval. With some GPS trackers this is included in a single parameter, with others it is set up separately. Since each GPS tracker is different, more information on how to set up your GPS trackers could be found on our support pages, as well as in blogs and forums.

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