GPS Devices Management and PRO Services Purchase (Pre-Sale)

The free online GetPosition Partner Console makes it easy to manage GPS devices, SIM cards and customers. This way you control your devices before selling them. How to Add a GPS Device A GPS device can be added to the My IMEI Codes registry by entering its IMEI code – a unique 15-digit number under which [...]

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How to cooperate with GetPosition – Partnership Programs My Brand and My Brand PRO

If you would like to fully develop your business in the field of GPS monitoring, decide for any of the partnership programs My Brand or My Brand PRO. Your brand is the key for both partnership programs. Thanks to them you can your brand among your customers. In the frame of the cooperation you can rely on the free upgrades [...]

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How does Partner Console for GPS Devices and Clients Management Work?

All GetPosition Partners are provided with a free online Partner Console which offers a precise overview of your GPS devices and clients, SIM cards and transactions on Partner’s account. In addition, it offers useful tools for easier GPS device management and for ordering GetPosition PRO services. In order to use Partner Console, you are required [...]

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Manage Your Business via GetPosition Partner Console

Once you have decided to cooperate with GetPosition and become our Partner, you will be provided a free-of-charge online Partner Console. Partner Console enables you to manage your GPS devices, SIM cards and your clients. The Console also offers a detailed overview of completed transactions on Partner’s account. All the Important Stuff. In One Place. [...]

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