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Installation of GPS Tracker

Top Tips for an Easy Installation You may now approach any service centre or car-alarm assembly centre near you requesting the installation of a GPS device into your vehicle. Given the low complexity of the installation, each and every technician should be capable of performing this operation (no specialised assembly procedure is required). The installation [...]

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GPS Devices Management and PRO Services Purchase (Pre-Sale)

The free online GetPosition Partner Console makes it easy to manage GPS devices, SIM cards and customers. This way you control your devices before selling them. How to Add a GPS Device A GPS device can be added to the My IMEI Codes registry by entering its IMEI code – a unique 15-digit number under which [...]

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How to cooperate with GetPosition – Partnership Programs My Brand and My Brand PRO

If you would like to fully develop your business in the field of GPS monitoring, decide for any of the partnership programs My Brand or My Brand PRO. Your brand is the key for both partnership programs. Thanks to them you can your brand among your customers. In the frame of the cooperation you can rely on the free upgrades [...]

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How to cooperate with GetPosition – Partner Program START

GetPosition provides various forms of cooperation. As a future partner, you can pick the form that suits you the best in terms of business plans and selected target groups. Partner program START Partner Program START benefits, that you can immediately use the GetPosition for your business. You do not pay any fees - you just need to [...]

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How does Partner Console for GPS Devices and Clients Management Work?

All GetPosition Partners are provided with a free online Partner Console which offers a precise overview of your GPS devices and clients, SIM cards and transactions on Partner’s account. In addition, it offers useful tools for easier GPS device management and for ordering GetPosition PRO services. In order to use Partner Console, you are required [...]

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Manage Your Business via GetPosition Partner Console

Once you have decided to cooperate with GetPosition and become our Partner, you will be provided a free-of-charge online Partner Console. Partner Console enables you to manage your GPS devices, SIM cards and your clients. The Console also offers a detailed overview of completed transactions on Partner’s account. All the Important Stuff. In One Place. [...]

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PUSH Notifications

How do notifications work? For hassle-free logistics within a company it is important to get the routes and their scheduling under control. One of the many benefits of GetPosition is the option to pre-set notifications and there will be no need for you to check the app on a regular basis. Obviously, you [...]

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LogBook for easy and clear routes recording

Recording your fleet’s activity, including individual routes, is of a great benefit to any company. Especially in case a company owns several vehicles used by several staff members. Having a clear overview of your fleet’s utilisability means having an absolute control over the routes done, distances covered and fuels consumed. Detailed data about routes LogBook provides records of [...]

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Benefits for family

Make a full use of GetPosition outside your company – for the sake of the safety of your beloved Technology and tracking systems of today do not necessarily have to be beneficial solely to your professional activities (e.g. when tracking company’s fleet). GetPosition provides a broad range of functionality, which makes it possible to let the [...]

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Professional benefits

GetPosition cuts your company costs. How? Taking care of your fleet is so much money-consuming. Operational costs often (and unnecessarily) rise due to mis-planned logistics and drivers’ bad habits. Companies, however, mostly suffer from negligence and deliberate enrichment efforts of some staff members. How to put a stop to wasting company’s money? Current position In [...]

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