PUSH Notifications

How do notifications work? For hassle-free logistics within a company it is important to get the routes and their scheduling under control. One of the many benefits of GetPosition is the option to pre-set notifications and there will be no need for you to check the app on a regular basis. Obviously, you [...]

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LogBook for easy and clear routes recording

Recording your fleet’s activity, including individual routes, is of a great benefit to any company. Especially in case a company owns several vehicles used by several staff members. Having a clear overview of your fleet’s utilisability means having an absolute control over the routes done, distances covered and fuels consumed. Detailed data about routes LogBook provides records of [...]

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Benefits for family

Make a full use of GetPosition outside your company – for the sake of the safety of your beloved Technology and tracking systems of today do not necessarily have to be beneficial solely to your professional activities (e.g. when tracking company’s fleet). GetPosition provides a broad range of functionality, which makes it possible to let the [...]

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Professional benefits

GetPosition cuts your company costs. How? Taking care of your fleet is so much money-consuming. Operational costs often (and unnecessarily) rise due to mis-planned logistics and drivers’ bad habits. Companies, however, mostly suffer from negligence and deliberate enrichment efforts of some staff members. How to put a stop to wasting company’s money? Current position In [...]

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Benefits of using the App GetPosition

The key benefit of using GetPosition app is the overview it provides to users of what is/isn’t happening right now. Being kept up-to-date is extremely important in today’s hectic times – by using correct information you are capable of cutting your operational costs dramatically and not losing track of your company fleet - wherever you [...]

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