GetPosition provides various forms of cooperation. As a future partner, you can pick the form that suits you the best in terms of business plans and selected target groups.

Partner program START

Partner Program START benefits, that you can immediately use the GetPosition for your business. You do not pay any fees – you just need to get register.

You earn Partner Console to manage your own customers and for full technical background. If you become our partner, all the improvements of the applications you have for free for the duration of the cooperation. This means that for all your customers there will be always available to the most recent version of GetPosition. For Android, iOS, as well as for HTML application on the Web.

Partner Program START is ideal for the beginning of cooperation, because you can experience for free how it is to be a partner and what it brings.

How to earn money with the Partner program START

GetPosition provides the services for customers that are free (solo vehicle tracking and display the current position) and charged the PRO services: Notifications and Logbook. Exactly from the sales of PRO services you will receive the commission in agreed amount, up to 40% off the service itself.

So if your customer purchases a new service, or he extends any of them through the application you will get credit on your account in the the corresponding amount. This is the first possibility,how to earn a commission in cooperation with GetPosition.

Partnership Opton 1 (GetPosition)

Cooperation with GetPosition – commission


A second possibility is that you will buy the PRO services for your customers via Partner Console.

The price for services (which you buy from GetPosition as a partner) is more favorable than commission and may depend on the number of paying customers. That means that by the certain volume of these services, you can buy even more as well as you can earn much more.

The second option is useful, for example, in the sale of GPS equipment, including PRO GetPosition services (e.g per year). This will give your customer a comprehensive solution (GPS Appliances + applications) in one place. Direct purchase of PRO services via Partner Console is also suitable if you want to have your own pricing for the PRO service. For example, if you offer PRO services, including the SIM.

Partnership Opton 2 (GetPosition)

Cooperation with GetPosition – buying services


Who is eligible for this partner program?

For partners who do business in the field of GPS tracking devices and who want to offer their customers an additionional value – enjoy free and PRO GetPosition services.

Are you interested in cooperation with getPosition? Become our partner – register now.

Start Program Benefits
+ Free registration of partner and applications GetPosition
+ The possibility of immediate use
+ Commissions of every sold PRO service
+ Partner Console for managing customers and GPS devices
+ Always the most recent version GetPosition applications (iOS, Android, HTML5 web)
+ Free Technical Support