Once you have decided to cooperate with GetPosition and become our Partner, you will be provided a free-of-charge online Partner Console. Partner Console enables you to manage your GPS devices, SIM cards and your clients. The Console also offers a detailed overview of completed transactions on Partner’s account.

All the Important Stuff. In One Place.

Partner Console makes your life easier – you may add new GPS devices and SIM cards ready to be sold and you can also monitor the devices already registered.

Partner Console list of IMEI and SIM

For the respective GPS locator, you may now purchase GetPosition PRO services, or extend their validity for a required period of time, in case you provide the services for the clients yourselves. By having the access to the activities on Partner’s account, you are able to see what exact commissions you have gained, or which services you have paid for.

With GetPosition Partner Console your business is utterly under your control at all times.

Own Logo in GetPosition

Partner Console provides you with a free option of testing the GetPosition application layout with your own logo on your own domain with your materials (terms&conditions, manuals….).

Get Partner Console

Please, register to utilise GetPosition to the full.

Partner registration is free, but requires GetPosition’s approval. Once the registration has been approved, you will be sent a confirmation email. Then, you are ready to use GetPosition Partner Console with no limits.