How do notifications work?

For hassle-free logistics within a company it is important to get the routes and their scheduling under control. One of the many benefits of GetPosition is the option to pre-set notifications and there will be no need for you to check the app on a regular basis. Obviously, you will not miss any crucial information.

Notifications are included in the extended version of the application and provide a user with maximum comfort when looking after your company’s fleet. Individual notification settings may be customised to meet the needs of any company and it is possible to modify the settings at any given time.

The interesting fact is that all the notifications can be saved under an original name.

Moreover, it is possible to set up individual notifications for each vehicle. A total number of notifications is unlimited.

Notification types for variable usage

Within the application there are several typologically distinctive notifications that reflect a variety of statuses and events (related to what is currently happening with a tracked vehicle or person):

Move Notification


Notifications on vehicles moving after a certain period of time and after a certain distance has been covered. This way the risk of unnecessary notifications in case of a major delay (e.g. a morning rush hour) is eliminated.

Speed NotificationSpeed

Notifications of exceeding a pre-set speed limit.

Geofence NotificationGeofence NotificationZone

This feature enables you to set up notifications to be delivered to you when entering/exiting a selected zone. The zones are selected based on locations/addresses and are shown on the map – for improved overview.

– notifications on losing GPS signal, e.g. when parked in an underground parking lot.

– notifications on losing GPS signal, e.g. when passing through a tunnel or when attempting car theft using a GSM-signal jammer.

With this setting it is possible to react promptly when a vehicle is being stolen.

Every type of notifications has its own specifics; just select and set up the one to meet your needs.

The appropriate selection of notifications will be very much appreciated when you use the application on a daily basis. Moreover, the more precise the notification setting, the less time you will have to spend checking the application.

Notifications are also beneficial when using GetPosition in private. The application will notify you of your child arriving safely to school or of your girlfriend being on her way home from a shopping spree.

Coming soon:  New notifications are currently being worked upon. They will be able to be set for a particular day and time. As a result, the notifications will not be a bother to you on your days-off and, vice versa, you will be notified of unexpected movements at weekends and on public holidays.

What are your thoughts on new notifications? Will you find a purpose for them in your business?

We will be happy to see your comments.