Make a full use of GetPosition outside your company – for the sake of the safety of your beloved

Technology and tracking systems of today do not necessarily have to be beneficial solely to your professional activities (e.g. when tracking company’s fleet).

GetPosition provides a broad range of functionality, which makes it possible to let the application take care of also your private matters.

Safe well-being of your kids

For all parents, it is important to make sure their kids are able to move around safely when coming from/to school and school clubs. This is even more important with very young children.

By using the application, you do not have to check on your kids’ whereabouts everytime. All it takes is placing a tracker into their schoolbags.

For boys with the GPS tracker

With the correct notification settings you will always be made aware of your kids getting off the usual routes and the estimated time of their arrival home. Notifications will let you know your kids are near the house and e.g. when they have arrived at school.

You will never ever worry about your kids getting lost.

… or them skipping classes. And if they will, you will find out very promptly.

Overview for those who need it

There are certain situations in life when it is convenient for several people to have the access to the application. That is when the tracker sharing feature comes handy – the tracker is shared between parents, partners (also ex-partners in shared custody), grandparents and between parents and any other person taking care of their kids.

Additionally, it is a discreet way of checking the reliability of your Au-Pair – e.g. whether she is punctual when taking kids to school clubs.

Where is? How can I use GetPosition?

Helping the senior family members

Aging often brings about health issues that may put your senior beloved in danger. E.g. the Alzheimer’s disease is a rather nasty disease, because it causes the elderly to get lost and fail to find their way back home. The cases like these are extremely risky since a person is disoriented and may find himself/herself on very dangerous locations (busy roads, unstable slopes, forests…).

Senior and GPS tracker

There is an easy way to prevent it – by using the app. Although this is a rather unconventional means of usage, the tracker is very effective. In case a person really gets lost, the application enables you to react immediately and get the elderly home safe and dry.

What are the other ways GetPosition can make your life easier? You will be able to find out in a week’s time.

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