GetPosition cuts your company costs. How?

Taking care of your fleet is so much money-consuming. Operational costs often (and unnecessarily) rise due to mis-planned logistics and drivers’ bad habits.

Companies, however, mostly suffer from negligence and deliberate enrichment efforts of some staff members. How to put a stop to wasting company’s money?

Current position

In case your fleet includes several vehicles, it is always good to know where those are located right now. Detailed overview of each and every vehicle and its precise localisation on the map enables you to double check at any given moment whether the particular driver is where he is supposed to be.

GetPosition on the Map - decor

This way you will see which member of your team is reliable – he is in the location he is supposed to be and he has arrived there at the pre-defined time. Sticking to the schedule is often a key factor in delivery services and beyond.

Effective utilisation of work hours indeed determines what your profit is.

LogBook reveals any discrepancies in routes covered and fuel consumption.

GetPosition’s LogBook records exact routes of each vehicle tracked, i.e. where and when the vehicle set off, the complete route it has covered all the way to the final destination, including the arrival time. 24 hours. Everyday.

Route detail in mobile and GetPosition App

The overview of each route travelled and distances covered helps the company detect any discrepancies in (not) following the routes and illegal usage of a company vehicle for private purposes.

This sort of staff’s conduct costs companies thousands of Euros every year. What’s more, such irresponsible staff members often get away with it, because the management has no knowledge of the practices like these. Especially, if a company owns a larger fleet, a few kilometres out of the scheduled routes simply “get disappeared”.

With GetPosition not a single kilometre of the route, not a single drop of fuel, gets out of your sight and control.

Furthermore, by having GPS trackers installed in vehicles, there is an immediate and significant improvement in drivers’ discipline. Once they realise the vehicle is being tracked, they take more precise care of following the given routes. This way the distances are cut shorter and fuels consumed more effectively.

Notifications 24/7 – fleet under your control

GetPosition also provides the Notification feature. For even better overview, you may set up notifications for each vehicle individually. By using the Notification feature you will immediately know when (and if) the given vehicles made it to the final location. The notification will also let you know if a vehicle has moved or when it is staying put on the same spot for some time.

Notifications in mobile

More about Notifications.

Apart from the continuous overview of the logistics, via GetPosition you will immediately be notified of any unexpected vehicle movements – a perfect way how to promptly discover any potential car theft and regain your stolen vehicle.

Whether your company fleet includes one or a hundred vehicles, GetPosition will give you a better overview of the routes covered by each and every one of them.

This will result in the more efficient daily usage of the company fleet and proven cuts in fuel consumption. For the real cuts of fleet-related costs!

Experience all the benefits of GetPosition with LogBook and notifications with a month’s free trial!